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Service Charge accountants for residential, block management and estate services.

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ESDG Accountancy are experts in the delivery of service charge accounts, ensuring that our partners and block managing agents are not only compliant with regulatory standards but are also able to deliver an exceptional service to their end-client leaseholders through transparent accountants and proactive communication.

Clear and timely service charge accounting stands as a cornerstone of trust and financial clarity between property managers and residents. We have found this is becoming increasingly important in recent years given the political and media scrutiny on leasehold properties.

We specialise in providing comprehensive service charge accounting services for small to medium size block management companies based all around the UK. We get to know your processes, your software and your team to deliver an efficient and joined-up approach.

With all our partners we look to…

  1. Make efficiencies by learning your processes.

  2. Reduce queries from leaseholders by delivering informative & clear financial information.

  3. Remove the stress; we manage all deadlines from our side and can work to target delivery dates (i.e. 1-3 months).

We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you for service charge accounting.

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We are Service Charge Accountants

When picking an accountancy partner to complete your service charge accounts its important you pick one who will add value to your block management company. Many accountancy firms are able to produce a set of service charge accounts, but do not offer the added value or organisation a specialist firm can bring to your business.

ESDG Accountancy provide a seamless end-to-end service which is so much more than just accounts.

What are the benefits of working with ESDG Accountancy for service charge?

Service charge accounts are more than just regulation or admin, and are crucial in ensuring the smooth running and accuracy of your block management company.

Our partners benefit from…

  • Efficiency’s – We take the time to understand your day-to-day block management processes and how your team operates. ESDG Accountancy slot in as an extension of your business – ensuring your team works seamlessly with ours. This reduces queries and ensures a faster and accurate process to deliver the end clients accounts.

  • Software specialists – our staff are experienced in block management and service charge software such as Blockman and Resident. We typically are granted access to such software which hugely reduces queries when producing year end accounts, freeing up your time.

  • Value Adding – We proactively flag issues when we spot them, helping you deliver a better service to your customers. Examples of this may include the need to invoice missed management fees for major works, incorrect calculation or billing of the service charge or incorrect accounting for pass-through costs.

  • Experience – Chartered Accountants under ICAEW and service charge specialists: we can deal with all aspects of service charge accounts and accompanying company secretarial so you can focus on hands on offering hands-on block management for your residential management companies and estates.

  • Forward Thinking – We pre-empt questions from residents on the accounts and raise these with your team and property managers before issuing final drafts for review. This lets us work with you to resolve queries or problem areas before the accounts get to your end client.

Enhancing Transparency in Service Charge Management

Transparency in service charge management is crucial for building and maintaining trust.

Here are some strategies we implement:

  1. Clear Communication: We ensure that all financial statements are clear, comprehensive, and accessible – taking on feedback whenever received. By breaking down costs and allocations, residents can easily understand how their money is being used. We are a Chartered Accountancy firm and ensure our service charge accounts comply with ICAEW Technical Release Tech 03/11.

  2. Proactive Engagement: Anticipating and addressing block operational managers or residents questions before they arise is key. We flag issues pro-actively during the process and provide narrative where needed on production of final sets of accounts.

  3. Regular Updates: We work with your management team to ensure your target deadlines are met. Although service charge accounts must be delivered within six months of the year end, we like to deliver them in less than three months to ensure a seamless process and maintain sufficient capacity for when it is needed most.

Key Services Provided by ESDG Accountancy

Our service charge accounting services include, but are not limited to:

  • Service Charge and Resident Management Company accounts production: We prepare and finalise service charge accounts to ensure accuracy and compliance, working closely with your management to ensure a seamless process.

  • Company Secretarial: In addition to accounts we can provide company secretarial services to free up your in-house teams time to focus on more pressing operation matters. Leave our specialists to take care of your compliance, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is kept.

  • Queries from your management and residents: Proactively addressing and explaining any questions your team or residents may have regarding their service charge accounts. Often we address these key variance explanations before they are asked of us by flagging them during the process.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring all service charge accounts comply with current legal standards and best practices including ICAEW Tech 03/11.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I ensure my service charge accounts are compliant?
A: Partnering with a specialised accountant like ESDG Accountancy ensures that your service charge accounts are prepared in accordance with the latest regulations and standards, providing peace of mind and legal compliance. We are a Chartered Firm with vast experience of producing service charge accounts – making sure we get the detail right.

Q: What happens if residents or management have questions about their service charge accounts?
A: At ESDG Accountancy, we preemptively address potential questions by providing clear, comprehensive accounts and are always ready to explain any aspects in detail, ensuring residents feel informed and up to date..

Q: Why should we work with ESDG Accountancy for service charge accounts?
A: ESDG Accountancy don’t just produce accounts – we partner with your block management business. We get to understand your systems, staff and processes so we can deliver a seamless service which keeps your teams working efficiently.


Effective service charge accounting is essential for the smooth operation of property management and the maintenance of trust between managers and residents. At ESDG Accountancy, our expertise in this area ensures not only compliance and accuracy but also a commitment to transparency and proactive communication.

Why Choose ESDG Accountancy?

Our Blackheath based Chartered Accountancy firm is committed to providing personalised and professional service charge accounting service for your specific business needs – we take every opportunity to delivery you an exceptional client service whilst ensuring you stay complaint.

By choosing us as your service charge accountancy partner, you can focus on delivering for your residents while we take care of the financial details.

Contact us today to discuss your service charge accounting needs and let us help you achieve your business goals.


Ed Stittle, Chartered Accountant

Ed Stittle, ACA


Ed qualified as a Chartered Accountant at the global auditing and advisory firm BDO. Since then, he has gained extensive experience in various sectors, working with small business owners and private equity investors.

Using this experience and a desire to work with owner managed businesses, Ed founded ESDG Accountancy in 2020. Ed continues to grow the firm, looking after his client base, whilst staying up-to-date on the latest tax and regulatory developments.

Aimee Nichols, Chartered Accountant

Aimee Nichols, ACA


Aimee trained as a Chartered Accountant at KPMG, a leading global accountancy firm, working with large and well known companies.

Since then Aimee has held roles working with both small business and individuals, helping with their tax and accounting needs.

Aimee joined ESDG Accountancy in January 2024 as a client manager and is currently expanding her portfolio.

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